Date: 11/1/17 5:08 pm
From: 'Elliott Bedows' <ebedows...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] birding today
Hi everyone,

Mary Clausen, Phil Swanson & I combined forces for a day of birding. First
stop was Forest Lawn Cemetery, Douglas Co. Despite the windy conditions we
were able to locate a few good birds. Seen were: Yellow-rumped Warbler [2],
(most likely Ruby-crowned) Kinglets [2], flock upon flock of Cedar Waxwing
{easily 100+ for the day}, Wht-thrt'd Sparrow [2], and a late Chipping
Sparrow in with 12's of Juncos (all dark-eyed). There was also a flock of
Red X-bill flyby's [ca. 40] that made a brief, somewhat unfulfilling
appearance. A brief stop at Carter Lk reveal a site absent of bird life
except for a few RB'd Gulls.

Wishing to get a better look at Crossbills we headed south to the
Plattsmouth Cemetery, Cass Co., where we quickly were rewarded with
excellent views of Red X-bill as a noisy flock of [150+] foraged on the pine
cones on the west side of the cemetery.

Final stop was Base Lk, Sarpy Co., where the Red-thrt'd Loon was still
present. Also seen were: Bufflehead [3], DC'd Cormorant [2]; PB'd Grebe
[5], Horned Grebe** [1] and Eared Grebe** [1] and a Wilson's Snipe [1]. **
= These two grebes, which were hanging out together in the middle of the
wind-driven Lk, were initially ID'd as a pair of Horned Grebes, but Phil's
excellent shot of the side-by-side pair clearly showed that they were not
the same species. The Snowy Owl present last Sunday could not be relocated.

Elliott Bedows

Bellevue, Sarpy Co.

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