Date: 11/1/17 2:35 pm
From: Andrew Reago <andrew.reago...>
Subject: Red Crossbills in Carondelet Park 11/1/17
Chrissy had a flock of Red Crossbills in Carondelet Park today. What
kinds of trees are folks seeing them in?
Chrissy saw them only briefly taking a quick rest on a snaggy dying
leafless deciduous tree - then fly off never to be found again for
today. This surprised her, since she and I had been looking in all the
evergreens in the park.

We've been looking in the pines mostly due to photos others have
posted this year, but in years past, they really liked our hemlocks
and sweetgum trees. We'd also see them occasionally in spruce out at
What trees do those with experience, or those seeing them, recommend
looking in this time of year?

Andy Reago
St. Louis MO


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