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Eric's post reminds me of a female Costa's that we had defending a feeder for several weeks during the summer, three years consecutively. She would arrive, molt her tail feathers and hang out until they had regrown. We could tell it was the same female because she had a small scar/blemish on her throat. Costa hummers are so fun to watch as they are even more aggressive than the Rufous hummers, and very vocal to boot.


Dr. Jim Moodie
Science Department

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Mr. Costa was here last winter for a few weeks, in immature male plumage (a little speckledy green hummer), and a lot of OBOL birders came to see him. Then he disappeared. Today 1 November he has returned to the feeder and acts like he owns the place. Now he has the spectacular Purple gorget of an adult male Costa’s Hummingbird!

details: 1 Nov 2017, Costa’s Hummingbird, adult male, coming regularly to the feeder at the house at 311 SE 35th Street, South Beach, Lincoln County, Oregon. Birders are welcome to wander in after 8 AM, please not earlier. Parking not available at the house, best to park at the unused old folks home 2 blocks east, then walk. We have a long driveway and you have to walk past the stacked firewood. To see Mr. Costa, he is coming to the feeder by the front picture window, but he perches in the holly tree also. I dont know how long this will last, but today he is actively defending the spot and chasing off the Anna’s hummingbirds.

Eric Horvath

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