Date: 11/1/17 10:11 am
From: Lynn Erla Beegle (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: (1) Male NORTHERN PINTAIL at Umstead State Park's Big Lake, Wake County, NC on November 1, 2017 and (2) MARATHON NOV 5
(1) Male NORTHERN PINTAIL at Umstead State Park's Big Lake, Wake
County, NC on November 1, 2017
Our Wake Audubon Meetup group of 12 birders found the Northern Pintail
during our 10 am birdwalk. The drake was dull-colored so we did not
notice it until just before we were getting ready to leave, about
11:30 (there were about 100 ducks to sort through). The white swipe up
the long neck was clearly seen in the scope by three of the birders
before the Pintail swam out of sight behind vegetation. This is a new
bird for the ebird hotspot! Not marked rare on ebird, but it is an
uncommon waterfowl to see in this area, even in the fall and winter.
Enter Umstead State Park from the US 70-Glenwood side and drive to the
last parking lot. Walk down the trail to Big Lake, turn right, then
follow the powerline right-of-way to three gray powerline poles marked
with the number 420. Turn left on a narrow trail just after these
poles and walk to the overlook of the marsh. This is where most of the
waterfowl are found on Big Lake. We also spotted WOOD DUCK, GADWALL,
other bird species. The terrain is uneven and a scope is strongly
Checklist on ebird:

(2) REMINDER: City of Oaks MARATHON is NOV 5 IN RALEIGH - expect some
road closures and traffic issues early in the morning, which could
affect downtown Raleigh, NC State, up to Shelley Lake, lots of
greenways, etc. -- See the routes on their website:

Add the TIME CHANGE (move clocks BACK Saturday night, Daylight Saving
Time ENDS) and expect lots of confusion!

Good birding to you,
L Erla Beegle
Raleigh NC
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