Date: 10/31/17 4:37 pm
From: Jennifer Kidney <jenlkidney...>
Subject: One, Two, Three, and sick House Sparrows
Dear Fellow Birders,

Today was a good day for birds in my back yard. Around 10 a.m., I saw my first of season Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Then right before lunch, there was a Nashville Warbler drinking from my ground bird bath, and after lunch, a first of season Brown Creeper was creeping down my ornamental cherry tree (about 20 feet from my patio chair--when the birds land there, I always get a good look).

In the meantime, my resident House Sparrows seem to be sick. On October 9, I saw one flailing around in the bird bath, and when I filled the baths that evening, I found him dead in the bath. Then last week, October 23, my sheltie Barry White found another dead one, and today he found yet another one. There are others seemingly moribund at the feeders or baths. I hope it's not the bird seed, which I buy exclusively from Wild Birds Unlimited, and I keep my feeders clean. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm not mourning their demise--there are way too many of them--but I'm concerned.

Jennifer Kidney


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