Date: 10/31/17 4:22 pm
From: Grant Stevenson <pahawkowl...>
Subject: winter raptor location
time to place yard materials, like small trimmings and leaves, out at
watersheds like creeks where it isn't, for Carolina Wrens, etc. write in a
small pocket spiral notebook if you see an owl or diurnal raptor in a new
nest. write it's local and report it to <eBird...>,
<pabirds...> now is the time to start recording the
condition of it, both old or newly freshly discovered. if a raptor is
found, sprigs of greenery may still be present in the stick nest.

instructions of the game commission, and the sleeping turtles (you may find
one in your older leaves piles and and. heated water is still most
effective attractant in winter, and best feed per region, like thistle and
dark-oiled sunflower seeds make and put up a winter bird roost box, all
connected physically to enough habitat to know what you are looking at. ,
in Woodworking for Wildlife from the PGC,

Grant Stevenson
Fountain Hill, Lehigh County
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