Date: 10/31/17 10:48 am
From: Susan Elliott <00000032e9152660-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Lake Bomoseen, Lake Hortonia and area
There was a not a lot of species variety in and around Lake Bomoseen and Lake Hortonia this morning, but the bird behavior was fun to watch.
An Osprey was fishing off of Crystal Beach on Lake Bomoseen.. It dove and came up with a fish. The two adult Bald Eagles shot off their perches on Neshobe Island and gave chase. The Osprey dropped the fish on Crystal Beach and one of the eagles swooped down on it and carried it off.
At Bomoseen State Park a Tufted Titmouse raided an old oriole nest and seemed to be finding caterpillars while a Ruby Crowned Kinglet and three Golden-crowned Kinglets bounced around the nearby shrubs.
An immature Northern Harrier was hunting the marshy area at the fishing access on Fishing Access Road at Lake Hortonia. It dropped down a couple times, but we did not see any prey. The nearby Mallards did not seem to be alarmed.
Other than Mallards and Wood Ducks the only other waterfowl were three female Green-winged Teal on Breese Pond in Hubbardton. And a Pied-billed Grebe was at the Lake Bomoseen/Hubbardton Marshes.
Sue and Marv Elliott, Sue Wetmore
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