Date: 10/30/17 3:01 pm
From: Casey Rucker <caseydryfork...>
Subject: Yard Woodcock (Tucker)
Hi, all,

I was traveling back from Ohio yesterday evening, ferrying a friend home
too, and we encountered hair-raising and chain-necessitating weather as we
hit the mountains. Too dangerous to try to make it back to my place, so I
bunked at my friend's. On my way home this morning I had to stop for a
Spotted Sandpiper in the road who was frighteningly unconcerned about my car
- hope the little guy makes it!

I made it back home to 7" of snow, and as I was reaching my porch I flushed
an American Woodcock. That is a bird I never expected on my yard list, given
my habitat.

Pine Siskins started arriving last Friday, and today is my first four-finch
day of the year - House and Purple Finch, siskin, and American Goldfinch.
Appropriately enough, lots of snowbirds (Dark-eyed Juncos).

Good birding,

Casey Rucker

Dry Fork, WV
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