Date: 10/30/17 2:51 pm
From: 'Jim Ochsner' <jim_ochsner...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] White-winged Dove observation

The White-winged Dove has now been present for five days.

We are observing an interesting behavior about the WWD. The White-winged Dove spends most of the day perched in the Ash tree which has the buffet hanging below, and, of course, there are also seeds on the ground. The WWD is not bothered by the presence of any other bird, large or small that feed, with one exception. The EC Doves which formerly “ruled the roost” and could spend the whole day feeding there are now banned by the WWD. The WWD watches the EC closely and when they land in “its” tree or land on the ground to feed, the WWD chases them away. We are amused by this territorial behavior and had not observed it when other WW Doves have spent time here.



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