Date: 10/30/17 2:19 pm
From: Natalie Rekittke <natrekittke...>
Subject: Possible white-winged scorers at Riverlands
Yesterday I was trying out my brand new scope at Riverlands, and I saw 3 possible female white-winged scoters out in Ellis Bay, viewed from the pavilion turn-off past the visitors center. They were all dark, with a white spot on the auriculars and another white spot in the lores area by the bill. I also caught a glimpse of white on the side in the secondaries area a couple of times when they moved. Otherwise, no white was evident on the sides when they were just floating. They never flew. They were floating around other ducks I wasn’t able to identify, but a male hooded merganser was among them. If anyone sees the ducks that fit my description and are able to either confirm my ID or correct it, that would be great.

Natalie Rekittke
Kirkwood, MO
St. Louis County

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