Date: 10/30/17 1:02 pm
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Subject: [NEBirds] Polk and Platte counties
Spent the weekend working Polk County in an effort to add something to my county list. The most notable sighting was two Carolina Wrens, close together and possibly a pair, on county road 141 west of Q, in riparian woods along the Platte's South Channel. I initially heard repeated "cheer" calls, but was unable to find the bird. I played recorded "cheer" calls, and a Carolina popped out into view and called back, then flew out of sight. A few seconds later, I heard "teakettle teakettle" song from the vicinity of a big tree pile; in that tree pile, near its base, I saw two Carolinas close together. The eBird account of the walk is at; the location of the wrens was about (41.337207, -97.506951).

Found a large puddle/pond on the south side of county road 138 between Q and R, with 10 Wilson's Snipe, 2 Greater Yellowlegs, and 3 American Pipit. The yellowlegs and the pipit were new additions to my Polk list.

After leaving Polk County, I drove around Lake North, where I found five Snow Buntings: one by itself, the other four in a flock. The solo bird was beside the road on the south side of Lake North; the flock was on the sloping concrete on the Lake Babcock side of the dike running north-south between the two lakes. The eBird report, with a rather poor photo of the solo Snow Bunting, is at

William Flack

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