Date: 10/30/17 12:33 pm
From: David Lantz <lantz503...>
Subject: [obol] Gull chart, missing the point.
This gull chart is basically 1 + 1, it's a way to get our foot in the
door. Some of the experts up here if you want us to go straight to chapter
8 with complex equations. I remember struggling with sparrows when I first
started, my lack of understanding then seems a bit silly to me now. I now
have that same learning curve with gulls.

To say this chart is unhelpful I find is dismissive to novice birders who
are trying to learn. There are many amazingly considerate individuals here
who encourage us to learn. Honestly, there are a few others here that take
the fun out of it for me, I know I make mistakes and foibles but that's
part of learning.

I and a few of my friends want to use this this great resource of obol to
continue to learn, a very good friend of mine will not post here because of
some discouraging comments.

Thank you, David Lantz

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