Date: 10/30/17 11:43 am
From: Don Gorney <in-bird-l...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Hancock County Northern Shrike
While running errands at lunchtime I checked on a possible shrike seen by Marilyn Smith on Sunday afternoon in Hancock County. She viewed it at a distance, saw that it had a mask, and that it perched differently than a mockingbird. When she tried to get closer she could not relocate.
On Oct 20, a bit after noon, I found it north of 600N by 0.2 miles on the east side of 400W. There is an east-west ditch that flows into the north-south Buck Creek (ditch) at this location. The bird was at the top of the largest tree. It is the only tall tree in the immediate area of where the ditches meet. The bird was about 250-300 feet from the road and I could not ID the bird in the gloom and sprinkles with binoculars only. I had to scope it to confirm it was a Northern Shrike. It flew once while I was present but returned to the top of the tree. I obtained pics for eBird documentation. The graveled 400W is a fairly quiet country road.  
It is an immature bird. An adult Sharp-shinned Hawk was also working the ditch. This is my second Northern Shrike for Hancock. On December 30, 2000, I had an adult while participating in the Hancock County Christmas Bird Count. 
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