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Subject: Re: [ALBIRDS] Bird Behaviour Barred Owl Human Strike Flycatcher eating BBQ
There's been a spate of Barred Owl attacks on joggers here in Seattle this year, and much discussion on Tweeters (the equivalent of Albirds in Washington).

Apparently the Resistance is more organized than we anticipated.

Scot Duncan

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Subject: RE: [ALBIRDS] Bird Behaviour Barred Owl Human Strike Flycatcher eating BBQ

I have heard about other instances with Barred Owls striking humans. One case that comes to mind quickly occurred a few years ago at Percy Warner Parks in Nashville. A Barred Owl there became almost dangerous to trail users (hikers and joggers) because it regularly would dive at them and actually scrape their heads with its talons. Some folks required stitches. Most interesting about this one is that the owl would only dive at bald trail users. The park actually issued a “warning”, asking bald trail users to wear a hat/cap to avoid potential injury. This protective action worked and owl attacks ceased.

I have not seen/heard of any Phoebes eating BBQ (and could not access the video to see this one).

Damien Simbeck
Killen, AL

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Subject: [ALBIRDS] Bird Behaviour Barred Owl Human Strike Flycatcher eating BBQ

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Peculiarly yesterday two friends asked me about unusual bird behavior.

The first friend told me that while walking through the Birmingham Botanical Garden close to dusk he was hit on the back of his head by a Barred Owl that then landed in a nearby tree. Fortunately he is not injured , but is curious about this bird behavior. Anyone have any ideas or insights?

The second involved a flycatcher interacting with a different friend. In the afternoon a little bird kept coming out the bushes and hovering around him. He identified it as a juvenile Phoebe. Anyway, thinking it was hungry, he scattered some seed on the driveway in front of it, it pecked them and spit them out. Ah, a flycatcher, he thought, and went and got some shreds of BBQ -- and it ate out of his hand. Ever heard of this? Here is the video he made.



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