Date: 10/30/17 7:20 am
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Subject: [NEBirds] Re: Marsh Wren Community wetland
The area is proving to be a good place to go at whatever time. I went there again on Sunday as I did not feel like driving to a rarity in Omaha. Also, now with hunting going on, there is no hunting in this area. A bow hunter went along the tree line along the farm property just North of the parking lot, but in general, there are no duck hunters, for example. (No problem with the hunters, they pay for our wetlands.)

The list is getting to around 90 species. Blue-winged teals moved on, other puddle ducks came along. Soras have been there every time, most times I see them scurry away into cat tails.

The Wachiska outing produced a few more lists from the area. Sparrows were plentiful, and still are. The area includes some trees along the river, but I have not found much in the trees. Raptors, one of which I got wrong, have been in the trees of the wetland itself.

The area actually almost connects to Whitehead Saline Wetlands. Salt Creek is in between. I was trying to photograph something and the camera tried to focus on a distant object. I looked at the picture. It had the gorilla from King Kong Burgers on 27th St on it and the car dealership building was visible behind.

I wonder if this area is included in the Christmas bird counts? It should produce harriers and such still in December.

In the same area I noted a few birds at Shoemaker/Arbor lake. Near conifers there were two red crossbills a few weeks ago. I did not find them again. The 27th street gravel road from Arbor Rd north to Shoemaker marsh still has a closed sign, local traffic only, but it looked like the gravel now is done to the Shoemaker parking lot.

Esa Jarvi, Lincoln
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