Date: 10/29/17 9:57 pm
From: <sammanning19...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] Snowy Owl and Red Crossbills
As Justin already mentioned, my brother and I were able to view the Snowy Owl along La Platte Road this evening. After watching the owl, we decided to chase the Red-throated Loon at Base Lake. We could not find the loon after about 30 minutes of searching. It was probably still present, but due to distance, lack of a scope, and the fact that the sun had basically set by the time we were looking, we couldn't find it.

Yesterday (10/28), I searched for Red Crossbills in both Sarpy and Cass counties, hoping to add them to my county lists. I was able to find 9 at the Plattsmouth Cemetery and 4 at the Bellevue Cemetery. The Bellevue crossbills were "Type 4" along with 3 of the crossbills at the Plattsmouth Cemetery. I was able to record the remaining crossbills at the Plattsmouth Cemetery, and I'm going to email Matt Young again since I'm unsure of what type they belong to. He also got back to me about the crossbills I had recorded on 10/21. The Red Crossbills at Summit Lake and the Blair Cemetery were all "Type 4," and the larger groups at the Tekamah Cemetery and Forest Lawn Cemetery were a mixture of "Type 4" and "Type 2."

Thanks Joel for finding and reporting the owl and loon!

Sam Manning
Omaha, Douglas County, NE
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