Date: 10/29/17 8:36 pm
From: Clifford Cathers <cacathers...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] AZ:10/29/2017:TAS Trip to Pena Blanca Lake
This beautiful fall morning, I led a group of 20 participants to Pena
Blanca Lake west of Nogales, Arizona. It was surprisingly cool when we
arrived at 49 F and surprising warm when we left at 84 F.

It was a decidedly quiet morning at the lake and the only specie of
heightened interest was a chipping waterthrush in Upper Thumb Cove. We
didn't located it our first pass through, but it flushed up into the trees
on our return. It had typical waterthrush bobbing behavior but it was
screened such that only the lower half of the bird was visible. It had
bright pink legs, clear sides with heavy streaking and I instantly leaned
towards Louisiana, though i could never see the throat before it flew off,
so it went unidentified.

The rest were mallard, pied-billed grebe, american coot, green heron,
belted kingfisher, acorn woodpecker, gila woodpecker, red-naped sapsucker,
red-shafted flicker, gray flycatcher, black phoebe, cassin's kingbird,
hutton's vireo, common raven, verdin, rock wren, canyon wren, bewick's
wren, house wren, ruby-crowned kinglet, phainopepla, orange-crowned
warbler, nashville warbler, yellow warbler, audubons warbler,
black-throated gray warbler, rufous-crowned sparrow, canyon towhee,
rufous-winged sparrow, chipping sparrow, vesper sparrow, song sparrow,
lincoln's sparrow, white-crowned sparrow, gray-headed junco, house finch
and lesser goldfinch.

At the Guy Tobin trailhead in Rio Rico, we had black vultures, cassin's
kingbird, song sparrow, abert's towhee and black phoebe.

At the Amado Wastewater Treatment Plant we had american wigeon, mallard,
northern shovelor, ring-necked duck, ruddy duck, neotropic cormorant, brown
pelicans (2), great egret, white-crowned sparrow, brewers blackbird,
european starling and great-tailed grackle.

Clifford A. Cathers
Vail, AZ

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