Date: 10/29/17 7:48 pm
From: matt V. <fickity...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] THE BEST Yuma County week ever!
Good evening! This past week has been unbelievable in Yuma County.
Beginning on Wednesday, I received a report of a common loon found by Brock
Buchanan at the solar ponds. When I arrived after work, and on fading
light I found not one but six COMMON LOONS!

On Saturday, I visited the Mesquite point overlook at Imperial national
wildlife refuge. Here, I found 33 American white pelicans. The Overlook by
the police station had an additional five white pelicans. I received a
call from Caleb strand, who reported RED BREASTED NUTHATCH, PALM WARBLER,
and two NORTHERN PARULA at the Dateland school. I raced out there to
relocate Caleb‘s finds. While I was in route, he discovered what will
likely become Yuma County’s first record of PYRRHULOXIA in the DATELAND
Date Grove. I stopped briefly at the solar pond where I found my first of
autumn canvasback. I was able to relocate everything at the school, but
not the desert cardinal. Caleb traveled on to the Aztec feedlot where he
found a female RUDDY GROUND DOVE. By the time we got there, we found two
DUNLIN but no dove.

Today I teamed up with Brian Johnson and we returned to Aztec and
Dateland. Aztec highlights included a single dunlin and FERRUGINOUS HAWK
fan by Brian. He also found a LEWIS WOODPECKER at the Dateland school,
while relocating the palm and parula warblers. I was able to arrive at the
school to find the woodpecker flying around frantically, and managed a few
images before it flew off to the north east for good.
At Dateland, we were searching for the desert cardinal when I heard a
familiar call. I was almost too stunned, but eventually yelled out RED
CROSSBILL!! We both got some pretty amazing photos. We finally succeeded
in relocating the PYRRHULOXIA As it flew over our heads. For the next five
hours, we attempted to get a photo of this elusive beast. Since the drip
irrigation was running today, we finally gave up beating the bushes and
just sat on the drip line and waited with the hope the bird might somehow
take pity on us and give us one shot a piece? This was not to be, but
check out what we did find:

One RUFOUS BACKED ROBIN found by Brian
One WOOD THRUSH found by me
One MAGNOLIA WARBLER found by Brian

If I could, I would move to Dateland tomorrow! This was one stellar
week for us here in Yuma!!

As usual I wrote this on my phone, so apologies for spelling grammar.
Photos of all these remedies are available upon request. Except for the
dreaded cardinal… That thing hates us.


Matt Victoria
Mesa del Sol
Yuma, AZ 85367

My photos can be seen here:

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