Date: 10/29/17 6:01 pm
From: <ktomkat...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Nelson’s sparrow at Patterson Park 10/28/17
I had a Nelson's sparrow at the boat lake yesterday around 10am. The bird was foraging around the reeds near the boardwalk at the level of the water. It kept moving closer and actually landed on the boardwalk just a few feet from me, then perched on a bench for a few seconds before diving into the reeds again. This is a first for Patterson Park so I'm hoping someone else sees it and photographs it. The bird had a dark gray crown stripe, an orange/apricot face with gray cheek patch, upper breast was lighter apricot with very fine streaking and ended abruptly, white belly, some gray on back/wings. Stunning in the sunlight. If you go, please be aware of your surroundings as there was a recent report of harassment at the park.

Kim Tomko
Baltimore, MD

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