Date: 10/29/17 1:52 pm
From: Ian Nisbet <icnisbet...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] saw-whet owl - North Falmouth

This is a belated report from Thursday 26 October because I have had problems with my email server. I drove home on Thursday just as it was getting dark and I was surprised to find a saw-whet owl standing in my driveway. I drove up beside it, opened the window and looked down at it from 3 feet range. It spent several minutes scanning the trees illuminated by my headlights, and then flew up into a tree. I have heard calls that I attributed to saw-whet owls here in October in previous years, but this is the first one I have seen here and by far the best view I have ever had of the species except for birds in the hand.

Ian Nisbet
North Falmouth

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