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I am forwarding this message by request from Colette Buchanan, President of Monmouth Audubon Society. The researchers are a small group and are asking for citizens' help. Thanks so much.

Researchers at Dalhousie and Acadia Universities in Eastern Canada are conducting a long-term research study of Ipswich Sparrows and are seeking birders' help. They have banded 263 sparrows with color bands as part of this study, and are now asking birders on the eastern US coast to keep their eyes peeled for the banded birds, and to report sightings of them over the "winter" (Oct-May). The banded Ipswich Sparrows have three colored bands on the left leg and one colored band on the right leg (over an aluminum band). The researchers are seeking reports of the banded birds. Tell them where you saw the sparrow, its band colors (top to bottom on each leg), and the date. Please include photos if you have them. Reports of banded Ipswich Sparrows, can be made by email to <mailto:<ipswichsparrows...> <ipswichsparrows...>, on the Project's Facebook page (The Ipswich Sparrow Project) or by including the Ipswich Sparrow in an ebird report and describing the colored bands in the comments. Thank you in advance for your assistance in this project.

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