Date: 10/29/17 10:42 am
From: Herbert Larner via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Rainy day in Augusta County
Hello all

This morning I did my usual pond checks around in the County . Bell's Lane came up with only a couple of ducks & 3 Pied - billed Grebe's . I then traveled out to Swoope & stopped off at Smith's pond where I found about 50 Red -winged Blackbirds & mixed in were at least 23 + Rusty Blackbirds . After leaving Smith's pond , I was traveling up Cattleman's Rd . near the intersection with Livick Rd . I noticed a murder of Crows chasing after something in the field . I stopped & got my bins up & the bird that was being chased was a Short - eared Owl . That group of Crows about 15 not only got one Owl up , I counted at least 5 more Short - eared Owls . The area I saw this taking place is best seen from Livick Rd . It is the field that has the large hill & where the Owls were circling to land again was in between the two top telephone poles . One of the best places is just after you cross the low bridge on Livick & the field is to the right . After all that I traveled out to Stuar
ts Draft to check out the small pond across from Target . Here I found a late Baird;s Sandpiper with 3 Killdeer . To round the day out I stopped by McCune's pond where I had 1 Wood Duck , 1 Gadwall , 4 Pintail , & 2 Ruddy Duck . Not a bad day of birding on a rainy day in Augusta County !

Allen Larner
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