Date: 10/28/17 6:50 pm
From: Chuck & Jaye Otte <otte2...>
Subject: Re: Red Crossbill, Hamilton County Record
Tom asked the question: "I guess at one time CBC birds weren't used for
county or state records:???"

As long as I've been maintaining the county checklists (first releasted in the
fall of 2001), I have used records from Christmas Bird Counts on two

First - Was I made aware of the new county record? If it isn't called to my
attention I might have read about it if the compiler commented on KSBIRD-L
about "good" birds seen. But so many times, the species missing from
county checklists aren't the rare birds - they're the common species!

Secondly - If I did manage to see that a certain CBC had a potential new
county record, do I know what county it was seen in? On that point, a few
years ago I put together a chart of the past couple years of Christmas Bird
Counts and using the center as reported in the KOS Bulletin, I generated
maps to see what county(ies) the count covered. Less than half (44%) of the
counts were fully contained within one county. 27% covered 2 counties, 21%
3 and 8% covered four. Additionally, 11% of the counts were technically in
more than one state!

A bird record is a bird record, but it only counts if Max and I are made aware
of it with sufficient details (what, where, when and possibly more) to make it a
valid report.

Tom - Thank you for the information! Red Crossbill will be added to the
Hamilton County checklist with the next round of updates!


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