Date: 10/28/17 5:52 pm
From: Jeff Calhoun <jeffcalhoun11...>
Subject: Syracuse Birds
I went birdwatching in Hamilton County today. The wind was 0 mph during the
first of four and a half miles I hiked. I was hoping to find western
vagrants, perhaps a new Crossbill record for Chuck, but I found birds to be
really difficult to find. A flock of 170 American Crows at Coolidge was a
nifty find; there is always a large wintering flock in this area. There
were quite a few Blue Jays around, and also a few Magpies. The first big
wave of American Tree Sparrows were noted but I still have never seen a
Savannah Sparrow in that county. White-crowned Sparrows were very plentiful
everywhere. The hike along the river 2.5 miles east of the CO border
becomes more and more depressing. The Tamarisk takes a further toll on all
native woody plants every year, few Cottonwoods can even survive. But
amongst that hot mess I found an out of place county bird, a Golden-crowned
Kinglet. It does remain a fun place to look for mammals scat and tracks, I
never fail to see Porcupine here. The overall lack of bird life was
demoralizing and the thoughts of all other minutiae of life overwhelming,
so I returned home without birding anywhere else.

Jeff Calhoun
Dodge City

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