Date: 10/28/17 3:27 pm
From: Stephen Mirick <smirick...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Coastal Odds & Ends (YELLOW-THROATED VIREO, Yellow Warbler, 2 Dickcissels, OC Warbler, etc)
Random list of birds along the coast today.  Not a lot of land birds,
but a couple of pockets including one hot pocket off Briar Road in
Hampton.  And two personal late records for me for Yellow Warbler and
Yellow-throated Vireo.

Canada Goose    20 migrating
Wood Duck    3 Eel Pond
American Wigeon    1 Eel Pond
Green-winged Teal    17 with 16 on Meadow Pond
Ring-necked Duck    4 on Eel Pond
Bufflehead    1 in Hampton Harbor
Red-throated Loon    30 Migrating
Common Loon    15 Migrating
Double-crested Cormorant    1,038 Migrating
COMMON GALLINULE    2 juveniles continue in Eel Pond.
American Coot    9
AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER    1 over Hampton Harbor.
Greater Yellowlegs    94 with 90 in Meadow Pond
Lesser Yellowlegs    2 lingering birds.
Eastern Screech-Owl    1 calling off Willow Ave. in North Hampton.
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker    1 on Briar Road in Hampton.
Peregrine Falcon    1 adult in Hampton harbor
Eastern Phoebe    1 at Goss Farm
YELLOW-THROATED VIREO    1  Spectacular views of extremely late bird off
Briar Road in Hampton.  Only my second October record (previous late
date of October 2nd for me).  Apparently the latest NH State record by 3
weeks!  Sadly my camera was in the car a 10 minute walk away!!!  We
walked back and when we returned, the Vireo was gone and the YELLOW
WARBLER showed up!
Ruby-crowned Kinglet    1
Hermit Thrush    2
Gray Catbird    1 off Woodland Road in N. Hampton
ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER    1 at Goss Farm in Rye
YELLOW WARBLER    1  Extremely late bird.  My latest by over a week. 
There are a handful of later records into November and even December!
Blackpoll Warbler    2
Palm Warbler    1
Pine Warbler    1
Yellow-rumped Warbler    12
Chipping Sparrow    1
CLAY-COLORED SPARROW    1  A remarkable fall for CC Sparrows!  I've had
a minimum of 6 this fall.
Field Sparrow    1
DICKCISSEL    2  Both flyover birds in Hampton.  Calling.

Steve & Jane Mirick
Bradford, MA

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