Date: 10/28/17 2:09 pm
From: Greg Leonard <0000009bd27f1943-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Crossbills, Rocky Fork Lakes, Boone County
I encountered a flock of at least 30 Red Crossbills at Rocky Fork Lakes this afternoon. When I first saw them, they were in a tree by the machine shed but then they flew off. After about 20 minutes, they came back and landed in a pine tree to feed. I took some pictures that I will post later

If you go looking for them, go south from the parking lot south of Rocky Fork Lake, take the path past the machine shed then take a left at the small lake. After you pass the lake, there is a small field on the left and they were in the pines by the field to the left of the path. Of course, they may move around a lot as there are a lot of pine trees in the area but that is where I saw them today.

Greg Leonard
Columbia, Boone County
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