Date: 10/28/17 12:55 pm
From: Elisa Enders (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Say's Phoebe, VOA Gamelands, Beaufort County, NC
The Say's Phoebe was seen today at around 12:30pm or 1pm at the gamelands. It was preening and generally looking well. It was seen on the south side of the large building, surrounded by fencing. The phoebe was perched on the east roof edge of a single-story extension, of the building, that juts south. This is near where a paved road passes southward out of the fenced area.

Seeing this species and the area was well worth the spontaneous 2.5 hour one-way trip.

There were lots of meadowlarks and fire ants too. A Loggerhead Shrike was seen, perched, near the paved road, to the south of the fenced-in building.

In Bear Grass, there was a Chicken Mull Festival. Sadly, I didn't know what this was until I looked it up on the internet. It is a chicken dish and sounded good, so we thought we would try some. We stopped by the festival area in the town, but could not find anyone selling this dish. Oh well. I'll have to look up a detailed recipe and cook some.

Elisa (and Nick) Flanders
Portsmouth, VA

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