Date: 10/28/17 10:27 am
From: Karsten Hartel <karstenehartel...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Notes of Danehy Park "wet land"

People have been asking where the wetland is in Danehy Park. The wetland
area is dominated by a quite large cattails and phragmites "marsh" that is
very obvious but this year it has had little or no standing water. I never
walk into this cattail habitat since it is rare in the area and I do not
want to disturb it or create trails for others to enlarge. I many years one
can see standing water a few feet from the edge.
In good wet years there is also a small stream running south of the dog
park and running under and behind the small fence that runs out across the
field just north of the "batting/throwing cage" area. The area floods back
into the woods and in wet years and after storms the wooded area floods all
the way to the cattail marsh. Snipe have been flushed from the stream
section just south of dog park in wet times of the year.

I hope this helps.

Karsten Hartel, Arlington, <karstenehartel...>

PS: I did a write-up about birding this urban park in the current issue of
Bird Observer.

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