Date: 10/28/17 8:38 am
From: Floyd, Chris <chrisf...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Ash-throated Flycatcher Notes, 10/27
Indeed great to see so many BBC legends out enjoying this bird!

Arriving after most had seen it to satisfaction and lost track of it, I discovered it this time by its "pick" call, resembling in pitch and quality the "brick" part of the breeding territory "ka-brick, ka-wheer," very familiar to me from California experience with species. Gave this "pick" about 10 times over 3-5 minutes.

This was at the southeastern end of the larger stand of the trees at the site. This area, with plenty of mid-story berries, was protected from yesterday's stronger winds.

I have one shot with fair view of underside view of rects. Terminal area of entirely exposed rect is all dark. Could this be an adult? In HY bird reddish coloration goes all the way to tip (on inner web), I recall. There might be feather shape/wear characters in photos that can age this bird.

Referenced photo Is third in sequence at:

Chris Floyd

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