Date: 10/26/17 8:03 pm
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Subject: Re: [NEBirds] Re: eBird Hotspots
Paul's right about the public aspect. For the case where a location's not open to the general public, but that random people are allowed to bird from time to time with the owner's permission, the convention is to follow the name with "(restricted access)"—so, for instance, when Helen Hughson let a number of birders visit her place in Sioux County after one of the NOU meetings, we created a hotspot called "Wind Springs Ranch (restricted access)".

There's no way that I know of for contact information to be included in eBird for such restricted-access sites. If a property owner were willing to be contacted by birders seeking permission to visit the site, the best way to make this available would probably be to include it on the NOU website.

There's an effort afoot to create an eBird hotspot wiki, which presumably could include such contact information, as well as directions, notes on habitat, etc. As far as I know, no one's taken on the task of entering and editing Nebraska hotspots; if anyone's feeling ambitious, it's at

William Flack

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