Date: 10/26/17 4:17 pm
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Subject: [NEBirds] Forest Lawn Cemetery- 10/25
(Second attempt at sending this post originally sent this morning 10/26)  
Forest Lawn Cemetery is usually one of those places that is either hit or miss.  Yesterday afternoon was definitely a "hit" with numerous finches and especially RED CROSSBILLS.  There were very few areas in the park where you were not within an earshot of a couple of noisy CROSSBILLS.  It seemed like every small grove of spruce encountered was loaded with these nomadic finches.  Sometimes so many would be in one grove, that the cone scales fell like snow flurries.
Other species included...
-1 Northern Harrier
-2 Sharp-shinned Hawk
-2 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (both juvenile)
-1 Eastern Phoebe (A bit tardy)
-8 Red-breasted Nuthatch (Sometimes in small flocks not unlike Pygmy Nuthatch)
-5 Golden-crowned Kinglet
-6 Yellow-rumped Warbler
-63 Red Crossbill
-6 Pine Siskin

-Just My Type-
In addition to hearing and obtaining recordings of the various Crossbills I heard, I was able to do a bit of spectrograph sleuthing and determine what types may have been heard.  eBird's front page has a great link to the various Crossbill Types complete with spectrographs and audio.
Here's what I came up with--
Type 4 (Douglas Fir Crossbill)  
Type 7 (Enigmatic Crossbill)
Type 3 (Western Hemlock Crossbill)
Type 10(?)/7 
You can hear these birds for yourself on my eBird report at...    
Good birding.
Justin RinkMidtown Omaha, Douglas Co., <NEspindalis79...>

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