Date: 10/26/17 3:50 pm
From: TheBirdNerd <th3b1rdn3rd...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Strange Canada Goose Subspecies
I was at the Waltham Street Fields this evening at about 5:20. I spotted
one very different Canada Goose. The bird was in a flock of about 145
Canadas (carefully counted most of the flock, conservative estimate for the
rest). It is very dark and the transition of dark brown on the chest to the
black on the neck is very smooth. I'm not great with subspecies so I asked
some other people. They were thinking Dusky Canada Goose, but as far as we
know, those are a western subspecies and very rare outside of the range.
I'm hoping anyone can give me some input as to what subspecies this is (or
even just a very strange color variant). I did not post it on eBird yet
obviously because I am not sure on the ID. Here is the link to the image:

- Francis Morello
Waltham, MA

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