Date: 10/26/17 8:50 am
From: Laura Ellis <laura.ellis3...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] Avondale, AZ Maricopa County Dickcissel
The Dickcissel is continuing. He was out there about 7 am. After it took
off I cleaned the bird fountains and filled the feeders. The Dickcissel and
all the other birds came back in immediately after I was done. Yesterday,
Mark Ochs and I saw the Dickcissel fly in shaking it's head, hopping funny and
scratching it's head with it's foot. Right away we saw that one of it's eyes
looked messed up. I grabbed my camera to get some pictures but with my first
shots I quickly saw that it's eye now looked ok - both eyes were fine. Best
we could figure was that it's eyelid got flipped up and it managed to correct
it. Gave both of us a bit of a scare for the bird. I've been asked about the
cage. I put it up just a couple weeks ago to keep the pigeons from getting
the spilled thistle/nyger seed. I wanted the small ground-feeding birds to be
able to get some seed and so far they seem to love it. Even the Curve-billed
Thrashers, Abert's Towhee's and Gila Woodpeckers have been able to go in there
with no problem, but not the Pigeons. I have seen a mourning dove get in there
twice but not his comrades - skinny bird I guess. I was getting a bit
worried that some of the seed could be getting moldy since sprinklers are
hitting that area - so yesterday I took my husbands shop-vac and sucked up all
the seed and then put some fresh. Thinking of putting some paver bricks under
it to keep it cleaner - work in progress. I will be in and out the next few
days so please email me if you want to come try to see the Dickcissel.
<laura.ellis3...> Still no sign of the GCSP.
Laura Ellis

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