Date: 10/25/17 3:18 pm
From: Russ Allison <grounds11...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Celery Bog, American white Pelican and Ducks
I had to dig out my heavy coat and gloves for this outing. I found ice on my
windshield of my car. The Duck species had really increased today . I got to
watch the American white pelican take a (15)minute flight around the pond.
Good photo time. I arrived at 10:00am and the temp. was 38 degrees. it was
50 degrees when I left at 2:00 pm.

Birds seen today:

American Coot--200est.

Ring necked Duck--4

Wood Duck--4


Canada Goose--60

Pied billed Grebe--30

Mallard --50


Northern Shoveler--12

Mute Swan--4

Blue winged Teal--16--flew in as a group

Green winged Teal--8

Great blue Heron --6--one was sitting high in a tree


Double- crested Cormorant--10

American Crow--2

Eastern Bluebird--8--landed above me on east end of park.

Northern Cardinal--4

American Goldfinch--6--feeding on weed seeds

Blue Jay--4

Dark eyed Junco--4

Belted Kingfisher--2

Ruby crowned Kinglet--5

Eastern Phoebe--2

American Robin--20 --in wooded area

Song Sparrow--2

White throated Sparrow--3

Yellow- rumped Warbler--20

Mourning Dove--2

Brown Creeper--1

Downy Woodpecker--3

Red bellied Woodpecker--3

Greater Yellowlegs--3

American white Pelican--1

Good birding

Russ Allison, West Lafayette

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