Date: 10/25/17 2:20 pm
From: Bill Elrick <belrick...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Common Greenshank this morning
Hi, I have had a few emails asked what, where and when. So just to clear it

We arrived at the dogleg just about 1 hr before high tide. There were
several cars there for a little while. I intended standing there just as I
did yesterday until the tide turned.
The Yellow legs started to come to the little bushes that stick out about
75 ft out from the east west road near marker 14 ?
So everyone drifted away and myself and Rod MacKenzie. Who are good friends
and have both observed Greenshank together in Scotland were chatting.
Suddenly Rod says it's there behind the Canada Goose on the left. Sure
enough we could only see a small part of it but knew it was it. It moved
between two geese and we had a full view it as it then walked farther
beyond all the geese, took flight and headed west. It was a total of 30
seconds start to finish. I had been watching through my scope so lost it as
I changed to binoculars. Rod watched it with a few Yellowlegs go 1/4 mile
down the road and then dip off the road to the north / right side.
He drove down but he could not find them again. I stayed put and they never
came back.
5 minutes later the other 30 took flight and went west / north high and
some landed out in the middle of the marsh between the road and Grt Bay
Blv. Some however kept going west and slightly north.
I hope this helps people get an idea of what happened and hopefully can
find the areas they roost or feed at high tide.
Sorry for the length of the post it is just such a good USA bird and with
the weekend approaching.
There is no doubt in my mind or Rod's we had the bird.


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