Date: 10/25/17 1:57 pm
From: Russ Wigh <rdwigh...>
Subject: [GABO-L] winter hummingbirds

For many years those of us who live on the coast have had
wintering hummingbirds, some every year for five or even 10
years. EBird insists they are rare on the coast, but they
are not by any reasonable definition. Last winter, with the
help of Beth Roth's email list of people at The Landings on
Skidaway, and a Savannah Morning News feature, I received
responses from over 80 people in Chatham County alone,
reporting 125 birds. Don't jump to conclusions that these
birds were shared among many homeowners. Anecdotal evidence
suggests they were not.

So, this year I would like to expand that survey, with some
rigor applied to the exercise, to all the coastal counties
in Georgia. Rural and undeveloped areas are of particular
interest. If you are willing to get on board, in early
November I will be sending out a cover letter with images to
help you ID the species (we always get Rufous and
Black-chinned as well as Ruby-throats), and instructions for
reporting your sightings on eBird. I will only need to hear
from you on the first of every month, December through
April. You are welcome to report to eBird every day you see
a hummingbird at your feeders if you wish.

E-mail me at <russ.wigh...>
<mailto:<russ.wigh...> , and I will be really happy to
include you on the list.

Russ Wigh

Skidaway Island,

Chatham County

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