Date: 10/24/17 11:30 pm
From: Laurens Halsey <desert-harrier...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] (SEAZ) RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD at Santa Rita Lodge Madera Canyon 10/24/2017
Ruby-throated Hummingbird at the Santa Rita Lodge in Madera Canyon 24 Oct

I first noticed it as different than our typical array of hummingbirds and
photographed it a little after 10am this morning. Was immediately was
distracted by something else and didn't get back to it until I got home.
Upon looking at photos my gut feeling was Ruby-throated but in this plumage
it is a tough call. Sent first two photos off to experts and then went back
up to the Santa Rita Lodge for better more revealing photos. Nearly
immediately re-found this individual and began studying & taking photos. Was
able to see and photograph a few red spangles on this bird as well as a
folded wing shot that should help to clinch the ID.
This bird was defending and feeding from three feeders; one feeder is
hanging from the northwest corner of the shelter shading the concrete
seating/viewing area, the other feeders were the pair hanging on a double
hook to the left of the first feeder. This afternoon he spent much of his
time perched in the tree to the left of seed feeder #1 and coming into the
hummingbird feeders to chase away competitors and to feed. Since it appeared
he was settling in for the evening I would expect he will be around in the
Also of interest at the Santa Rita Lodge: Rufous-winged Sparrows (very
unusual at location), Canyon Towhee (unusual at location), White-crowned
Sparrows (not regular at location), hatch-year male Rose-breasted Grosbeak
(rare), and a Blue-throated Hummingbird.
Experts agree this looks good for Ruby-throated. See Facebook group "Arizona
Birding² or eBird checklists: and for photos. Will submit to
AZFO/ABC tomorrow.

Laurens Halsey
Green Valley, AZ

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