Date: 10/23/17 7:18 pm
From: Liisa S. Mobley <lsk24...>
Subject: [nfc-l] Questions about black-throated blue warbler night migration

Hi everyone-
I’m a lurker on this list as I don’t do a whole lot of night flight call listening and recording. However, I’m working on a painting of a black-throated blue warbler at dusk during the autumn night migration, as part of a group art show next year. I have a couple of questions for you all.

In addition to the actual painting, I’m going to frame a screenshot I grabbed of migration showing up on the northeastern US Doppler radars from the National Weather Service (public domain, fortunately), to help people visualize the scale of night migration. I was thinking it might be fun to also include a spectrogram of a BTBW night flight song if anyone has one available and wouldn’t mind having me put it in a show, with appropriate credit, of course. Is anyone is interested in sharing a spectrogram?

Our group art shows, which all have a natural science theme, usually go to at least 3-4 venues in upstate NY, so it is a good way to educate people. Here’s a link to our past exhibits (website needs a bit of updating!) if you are interested in what we do:

One other question - would it be likely that the BTBW would be joining a large flock? I keep wondering if I should put little bird specks into the more distant sky.


Liisa Mobley

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