Date: 10/23/17 2:26 pm
From: Ken Cox <kencox5...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Maxham Way Fields, Woodstock
This is to alert birders with plans to visit the cornfields off Maxham Way
that this area is now prominently posted with yellow 'no trespassing'
signs. This came to my attention this morning after I arrived with
intention of checking the fields for sparrows. The last time I birded the
fields (October 6), when checking for the previously reported Dickcissel,
these signs were not present. There were signs, however, warning that
biosolids", a euphemism for cow manure, is applied to the fields, therefore
best birded from the perimeter. The new signs are dated October 2017 and
attributed to Woodstock Inn & Resort.

Needless to say this finding is very disappointing and represents another
lost opportunity to birders. In addition to this year's Dickcissel, one
was sighted in one of the now off-limits fields on October 31, 2015.

Kenneth Cox
South Reading, VT
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