Date: 10/23/17 6:46 am
From: CHELEMER, MARC J <mc2496...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Postscript to "One choice leads to two misses"

Those of us of a certain age may remember an endearing children's book called "Tony's Birds" from when we were growing up. At one point in the story, the protagonist is sitting under a tree, waiting by a pond. He is still and silent, and in that peaceful moment, up walks an Ovenbird, "showing well" as we would say in our modern birding lexicon.

Today, that scenario repeated for several birders, including me, back at Garret Mountain. A glutton for punishment, I got there at 6:45 when it was just getting light, and began the wait for what seemed like a totally improbable and unlikely sighting of the Sedge Wren. I have an acquaintance who's a mycologist to thank for what happened after a bit more than an hour. There were some glorious mushrooms about ten feet in front of me at the base of a bush...they looked like piles of pale brown spheres all gathered together. I snapped an iPhone photo to send to my friend. And then, dum-de-dum, along comes this tiny little bird, walking and hopping right where I had been regarding the fungi. It wasn't quite a "Tony's Birds" look, but it showed well enough that I could see the reddish-grayish plumage, the unbarred flanks, and the very prominently barred wings.

The bird reappeared for a few seconds about ten minutes later, giving the other four birders who were around equally short looks; we compared our sightings and the amalgam of comments continued to support the ID of a Sedge Wren.

I left the gang of four as I needed to head to work. Here's hoping they are able to re-find it as it forages among the tangles. Nevertheless, a nice culmination to yesterday's story and an enjoyable sighting indeed.

Good birding,

Marc Chelemer

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