Date: 10/22/17 8:01 pm
From: Luke Pheneger <phenegerluke...>
Subject: [cobirds] Golden Ponds and Lagerman Reservoir, Boulder County
Today (10/22) I visited Golden Ponds and had some pretty cool migrants
show up, the highlights include

Osprey: a bit late, perched up high calling enthusiastically.

Both Sharp Shinned and Cooper's Hawks flying over within 5 minutes of each
other. Sharpies seem to pretty seasonal in the Longmont area, for me at

Brown Creeper-11 of them!! Spread out all along the trail with some singing.

Ruby Crowned Kinglets-4

Mountain Chickadees-2

Marsh Wren-1

Slate Colored and Pink Sided Juncos

White Throated Sparrow- go to the Lykins Gulch section of the park and walk
around to the area near the private pond, there was a single individual in
a mixed flock of various sparrows, finches and YRWA's.

American Tree Sparrow-2

Swamp Sparrow- Walk along the marshy area along the bike path that runs
West-East from the river, there was a single individual giving pretty nice

This week at Lagerman Reservoir I've been holding out for a scoter all week
with no luck at all!! American Wigeons have been gathering in numbers
ranging from 200-400, along with nice numbers of Redheads, and Gadwalls
between 25-75. Lesser Scaup, Canvasback, Ring Necked Ducks, Wood Ducks,
Green winged Teals, and Blue Winged Teals seem to be reliable but in low
Earlier in the week I had a single Osprey but I haven't seen him
since. But Ferrugenous Hawks, Bald Eagles, and Red Tailed Hawks of varying
subspecies have been common, and I had one Golden Eagle, and Merlin the
other day.

On the 17th at Union Reservoir there was also a Red Necked Phalarope, and
we were almost certain we had the Artice Tern that was later reported, but
sadly it was really really far out to get ID'able looks, also a probable
Forsters Tern.

Good Birding
Luke Pheneger

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