Date: 10/22/17 12:59 pm
From: Corey, Ed <ed.corey...>
Subject: Re: [External] VOA Say's Phoebe Trapped
I notified a biologist with WRC, who's trying to get up with a gameland employee. If I hear further, I'll notify folks.

Guessing the bird was interested in the '70s decor of the old building.

Ed Corey
Raleigh, NC (usually)

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On Oct 22, 2017 1:50 PM, Jeff Lemons <carolinabirds...> wrote:
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This afternoon we found the Say's Phoebe at the VOA site. Unfortunately, it is trapped inside the front building. There were three windows along the north side of the building that were cracked open, but the Say's Phoebe was flying back and forth along the west windows. There appeared to be a wall between the north and west windows and the bird wasn't finding it's way around the wall to the open windows.

Does anyone have a good contact that might be able to access the building?

Jeff Lemons
Charlotte, NC

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