Date: 10/22/17 11:29 am
From: Barbara Volkle <barb620...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] moderator - charter and guidelines


It's time to post the MASSBIRD charter and guidelines.  Fall is here!

Join me again in thanking all of you who have contributed to the success
of MASSBIRD.   The diversity of contributions and observations rests
with you.  From the Berkshires to Great Meadows to Cumberland Farms and
to Cape Cod, from Cape Ann to the Connecticut River Valley to
southwestern Massachusetts, birders visit coast and mountains, forest
and field, wetlands and river plains. While most of us are in Eastern
Massachusetts, observations from those of you elsewhere help to paint a
more complete picture of what's going on in our state and region and are
especially welcomed.

Thanks to all those seasoned birders who provide background information
and tutelage to those readers who are just starting birding and to those
of us not at the expert level.

Thanks to all of you who have shown leadership in its many ways -
sharing information and observations, showing courtesy towards novices
and seasoned birders alike, reflecting on environmental trends and
ethics, highlighting opportunities for volunteering, noting
opportunities for regulatory impact and input to governmental processes
and more.

Not every post will be of interest to every reader.  However, it is the
diversity of posts and the information shared that make our conversation
strong, worthwhile, and interesting.

I've included the list guidelines below.  If you have never read them,
NOW is a good time to do so!

A couple of reminders follow.

    - There are two cardinal rules - be respectful of each other and
stay on topic.

-Make directions clear, and easy to understand by beginners and those
not familiar with the area.

-When you reply DO NOT LEAVE THE ORIGINAL POST in your reply.  This is
creating havoc with the digest.  If there is a specific point you are
addressing, include that only.

-Please do post in PLAIN TEXT.  When you do not do so, your post appears
twice in the digest, along with all its links!  This triggers SPAM
filters for others who receive MASSBIRD email.

-Install, update and run virus and firewall protection.

Thank you for your participation and for making MASSBIRD something for
which we can all share credit and be thankful.   Your amazing posts,
with their timely detail, including descriptions, photo links,
directions and contextual information are appreciated by all.

Thanks for your cooperation and participation!

Barbara Volkle, moderator MASSBIRD
Northborough, MA
<barb620...> <mailto:<barb620...>
Take someone birding today!

* * * * *

Please save this for future reference!

MASSBIRD is a mailing list dedicated to the interchange of wild bird and
birding information relevant to Massachusetts and New England. This list
is intended for the discussion of local issues - such as birding locations,
local conditions, reports of local rarities and unusual sightings,
pelagic trip
reports, legislative alerts, events and speakers in the area, and calls for
volunteers in research and census activities. Hopefully, novice
visitors to our area, and our local experts alike, will share their
questions and
knowledge through this mailing list. Together we have made MASSBIRD a
useful forum, sharing information on a real time basis.

If you wish to bring up a topic of environmental concern that is of special
interest to birders in Massachusetts or the northeast ( ie. local content),
contact me.  Such posts should be designed to summarize the issue
and inform readers of how they can pursue the topic from that point on.

Most of us lead enormously busy lives - family, home and work commitments,
and of course, a demanding interest in birding. Please respect each
other's time by limiting your posts on massbird to topics within the

Please SIGN your posts with your NAME, TOWN and EMAIL ADDRESS.
This is the convention used by MASSBIRD and other birding email lists.

Be sure to give the LOCATION of your sightings by town.  Many birders are
listening in - including beginners, those new to the area, and those
visits.  Don't assume that everyone listening is familiar with finding your
birding location.  Additionally, your clarity helps others put your
reports in context.

Make your title meaningful.  Date and location make it clear what your
is about.  This simple idea makes it possible for readers to find and
process your
message easily.

Focus on the content of your message.  While healthy discussion is
comments intended to be disparaging, whether personal or in general, are
not acceptable.

Avoid abbreviations and codes.  While many of us figure these things out,
participants with less experience with MASSBIRD have to translate these.
Make it easy for your message to be easily understood.  Full bird names
should be used.  If you wish to use four-letter banding codes, make sure
that it is clear what species they refer to by pairing them with the full
species name at least once in your post.

If possible, provide details on numbers of birds seen, especially unusual
species.  Records are created from postings to MASSBIRD for Bird Observer
and Massachusetts Audubon.  Researchers are working to establish weather
and other patterns related to seabird populations, winter finches,
rarities, etc.
Especially with seabird posts, please try to note when, where and how
long your observation was.  Noting weather information is also useful.

Do not include the original post in your reply to MASSBIRD.  If there's
something specific you'd like to address, include that segment.
Including the
original posts and multiple replies make the digest version repetitive and
difficult to read.

Finally, post in PLAIN TEXT.  If at all possible, avoid MIME and HTML
including highlighting or text formatting.  The majordomo software that
handles massbird translates these formats into additional code that is
unnecessary and confusing for digest users.  NO ATTACHMENTS, please!

For instructions on how to subscribe or unsubscribe, go to <> .
Massbird is archived on several locations on the web, allowing you to
check posts at any
time. Use any search engine to find an archive.

Finally, if you are not able to post or reach me at my primary email
contact me directly at <b_volkle...> <mailto:<b_volkle...>.

Thanks for your continued support and for making MASSBIRD a successful

Barbara Volkle, moderator MASSBIRD
Northborough, MA
<barb620...> <mailto:<barb620...>

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