Date: 10/21/17 3:32 pm
From: 'Denise Hamilton' <napabirders...> [northbaybirds] <northbaybirds-noreply...>
Subject: [NBB] Napa yard bird # 137, Clay-colored Sparrow
Hi folks,

After almost 2 years without a new yard bird, one finally showed up on October. 19 – a Clay-colored Sparrow, #137! Was busy with 2 guys installing a new oven in my kitchen, but happened to glance out at my pond and there it was taking a bath. My first thought was a Chipping Sparrow. Decided to take some pictures (happily it went up into my spruce tree to preen for some time.) After I downloaded the pictures I started looking at it more – no dark lores, the overall buffy breast, and fully framed ear. Since I don’t see a lot of Clay-colored Sparrows, I sent my pictures off to Murray Berner (my local, birding expert!) and he confirmed it for me. Thanks Murray! Unfortunately, the bird just came in for a bath and left.

Pictures can be seen at my ebird list (though it might take a while to show up since it is a rare bird)

Happy birding,
Denise Hamilton
Napa, where the air is for now smoke free at my house
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