Date: 10/21/17 2:30 pm
From: Kenneth J. Brock <kj.brock...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Lakefront (21-Oct-2017). LeConte's, Nelson's, & Harris's Sparrows
Today (21-Oct-2017) John Cassady, Jeff McCoy, Randy Pals, Lynn Vernon, and I birded several lakefront sites.

We began at the Hammond Sanctuary, where we enjoyed a spectacular morning. Clouds of sparrows and copious Orange-crowned Warblers greeted us. As the group moved along Randy Pals suddenly announced that he had a first-cycle Harris’s Sparrow on the road. In contrast to most Harris’s this bird lingered long enough for all present to obtain a look. Then Matt Kalwasinski dug a Nelson’s Sparrow out of a tiny cattail stand. While we ogled the unusually obliging Nelson’s, Matt Beatty found a LeConte’¬s on the other side of the cattails. What an incredible experience. For the morning we logged 14 sparrow species including both orange sparrows and a Harris’s.

—HAMMOND SANCTUARY (we were joined by Matthew Beatty, Matt Kalwasinski, Nick Kiehl, Landon Neumann, and Kristin Stratton.)
Red-breasted Merganser,4
Double-crested Cormorant,70
Bald Eagle,1 adult
Red-tailed Hawk,1
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker,2 juvs
Downy Woodpecker,2
Northern Flicker,2
American Kestrel,1
Eastern Phoebe,1
Brown Creeper,1
Carolina Wren,1
Winter Wren,3
Golden-crowned Kinglet,27
Ruby-crowned Kinglet,6
Hermit Thrush,12
Orange-crowned Warbler,17- this ties Indiana’s second largest count behind the 23 that Brendan Grube logged at Beverly Shores on 24 October 2009.
Nashville Warbler,1
Yellow-rumped Warbler,5
Eastern Towhee,1 male
Chipping Sparrow,7
Field Sparrow,6
Vesper Sparrow,1
Savannah Sparrow,3
LeConte’s Sparrow,1
Nelson’s Sparrow,1
Song Sparrow,10
Lincoln’s Sparrow,2
Swamp Sparrow,20
White-throated Sparrow,40
Harris’s Sparrow,1 first-cycle
White-crowned Sparrow,50
Dark-eyed Junco,40
Purple Finch,1
Pine Siskin,1

Mute Swan,2
Northern Shoveler,7
Great Blue Heron,2
Great Egret,1
Red-tailed Hawk,1
American Coot,13
Golden-crowned Kinglet,10
Ruby-crowned Kinglet,2
Yellow-rumped Warbler,3

—GEORGE LAKE (high water, no mudflats)
Mute Swan,13
Pied-billed Grebe,7
American Coot,80
Golden-crowned Kinglet,1
White-crowned Sparrow,1

Double-crested Cormorant,2
Cooper’s Hawk,1
Bonaparte’s Gull,15- 13 adults & 2 juvs
Ring-billed Gull,40
Forster’s Tern,3- 2 winter adults & a juv
Eastern Bluebird,2
Song Sparrow,2
Swamp Sparrow,1
White-throated Sparrow,,6
White-crowned Sparrow,2
American Goldfinch,2

Bonaparte’s Gull,8
Ring-billed Gull,140

Ken Brock

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