Date: 10/20/17 8:00 pm
From: Brad Phoebus <bradphoebus...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Re: Brown Booby at Cromwell, Baltimore County
On Monday, October 16, 2017 at 9:16:14 PM UTC-4, Brad Phoebus wrote:
> As I approached bluebird box 9 today on the Minebank Run Trail a bird flushed from the path. It landed in a viney sort of area just off the walkway and perched still for a 15-second period, allowing a satisfying observation. Its robust shape, field marks and behavior eliminated potential impostors from the equation, making it clear this bird was a Brown Booby. The silly-named bird then dropped down to the safe cover of the various flora, effectively disappearing. I did not relocate it.
> This bird's ability to go undetected raises several questions, the most important of which is just how many Brown Boobies there are in the Baltimore area. Recent sightings confirm this is not the only one. But just how many? Might there be Brown Boobies all around that we aren't encountering due to their secretive and skulky nature? That is up to us, the birders, to determine. Good luck to all of you.
> Brad Phoebus
> Baltimore MD

Due to the startling amount of serious inquiries regarding this post I am continuing to receive, I am forced to revisit this thread to clarify the situation. No, there was not a Brown Booby at Cromwell Valley Park on 16 October. This report was inspired by a daydream I had in which a Connecticut Warbler I witnessed was replaced by a Brown Booby. I have received a two-month suspension from birding as a result of my actions. I will use this time to reflect and improve on my skills on and off the birding field.

Brad Phoebus
Baltimore MD

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