Date: 10/20/17 4:25 pm
From: Jane Stein <jeshawks...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] Bald Eagle vs. Wood Duck?
I've seen this a lot, actually. There isn't usually a chase involved,
it's more often suddenly dropping down from a tree hanging over the
water. I'm guessing your eagle did that initially and missed.

Jane (Shoreham)

On 10/20/2017 6:47 PM, Mike Sargent wrote:
> A few days ago I was driving along the Androscoggin River when I saw a bald eagle flying down the river, between 5-10 feet above the water. It had a white head and tail but still had some streaking of its wings and body. Then I realized that it was chasing a female wood duck. It tried to attack the duck from above, and the duck landed in the water and thrashed its wings upward. This caused the eagle to give up, turn around, and fly back up the river. The duck noisily resumed flying down the river.
> I've seen eagles chased by everything from red-winged blackbirds to ospreys to peregrine falcons, but I've never seen an eagle try to attack another bird. Or maybe it was just trying to drive the duck out of its perceived territory. Otherwise, a duck seems a particularly unlikely target. Is this behavior less unusual than I think it is? Thanks in advance for any responses.
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