Date: 10/20/17 1:20 pm
From: Patricia Valdata <pvaldata1...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Osprey, gulls on Jones Creek
I was pleasantly surprised to see a late Osprey land on a snag across the
creek from our house just now. Last year, I saw them through November.

Over the summer we've had a flock of a couple-dozen Laughing Gulls and one
Herring Gull hanging around, partly because our neighbor feeds them (oy!).
I've been wondering why a single Herring Gull would stay all
summer--wouldn't it rather be with other Herring Gulls?

Over the past three days, the flock has grown to nearly 200 Laughing Gulls.
On the first day, this big flock had about six Herring Gulls, but since
then it's been all Laughing Gulls. They start landing on the water in early
morning and float there in a long line for a few hours. They don't seem to
be coming from the transfer station, unlike the gulls in North East that
commuted from the town park to the dump and back every day.

Pat Valdata
Crisfield, Somerset County

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