Date: 10/12/17 5:37 pm
From: Melvin Weber <mweber...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Cameron
Robby Bacon and I did Cameron Wednesday 10/11/17

Little worthy of reporting but just for information sake: I did have 8 species of warblers but that was also with less than 15 birds. On the beach from Rutherford to the Rec center we found 14 Lesser Black-backed Gulls along with many Herrings and no Ring-bills. One Knot and Three Long-billed Curlews was noteworthy.

On winter arrivals there was one flock of about 40 WF Geese. We managed one Orange-crowned Warbler and two Pine Warblers along with 5 RC Kinglets. One White-tailed Kite was nice. One Peregrine working the beach, the usual large number of Caracaras and Ospreys, with one on the Osprey tower at Peveto. There was still a decent number of Scissor-tails around along with two Vermillions.

A solid movement of Rough-wing Swallows all day with a few other swallows mixed in. Never really tried for an estimate the numbers but it was definitely well over 75 thousand.

A slight increase in mosquitos and deer flies over our trip about a month ago.
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