Date: 10/12/17 4:54 pm
From: raqbirds via NHBirds <nhbirds...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Red Crossbills highlight more Errol sightings

Anothercouple of days in the Errol/Lake Umbagog region, this time Oct 10-12 withfriends. More nice birds and continuing great fall foliage and more remarkablywarm weather (one morning was frosty). During this short visit there were more finches,but no boating on Lake Umbagog nor the rivers this time.

WoodDuck- about 20 with the males returning to alternate (breeding) plumage.
Ring-neckedDuck- about 30.
GREATERSCAUP- a male with the Ring-necked Ducks, in Thurston’s Cove of Lake Umbagog (asseen from Potter Farm Road). Umbagog is one of the few regular (annual) sites in the interior of NH for scaup. Pondicherry is another spot.

Scoter species-a dozen distant ducks at dawn were likely Black Scoters.
RuffedGrouse- several with one displaying, apparently directed toward us.
Double-crestedCormorant- two in Berlin on Oct 12 were my latest ever local record.
TurkeyVulture- at least 18 in Berlin, ahigh number for the date.
BaldEagle- another four birds seen at different sites from the six seen last week(Berlin/Milan town line, Cambridge/Errol town line, and two possibly migratingover a different area of Cambridge).
GRAY JAY-five in three different places (Greenough Pond Road, Mollidgewock Brook Road, and Route 26 east of Errol).
AMERICANPIPIT- Becky discovered six over Jefferson Meadows on the way to Errol (alikely spot) but one today in the woods along Bog Brook Road in Cambridge wasdefinitely in an odd place/habitat and briefly perched in a small tree about afoot off the ground!
Pine Siskin- eight, thanks to Jane’ssharp ears.

RED CROSSBILL- a flock of 20 alongRoute 26 in Cambridge, NH near the Maine state line. Several pinkish/red males,several adult female-types, and many were streaked juveniles. I attempted tomake A-V recordings of their calls but have not had time to download theresults yet. Stay tuned. This flock was frequently “gritting” on the ground andallowed close approach.

BobQuinn Webster, NH
JaneKolias Concord, NH
BeckySuomala, Concord, NH

"Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons and daughters of the earth." Chief Seattle

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